Hi! My name is Karen,  I’m American, and I’m a recent college grad who jumped into life in as an ALT (Assistant Language Teacher) in Japan through the JET Program. Some people call this opportunity an option to avoid “real life” (as if living and working in Japan isn’t real life); other people think I’m on a paid vacation. I’m just going to say that it’s my next adventure. Anyways, I’m based in the ever-so-popular Ibaraki Prefecture, splitting my time teaching at 4 senior high schools and 1 special needs school.

I’ve lived in Japan since August 2015 and still, everyday is a learning experience! That’s one of my absolute favorite parts of living abroad–learning all sorts of new things–especially since graduating from formal education left me feeling a little intellectually stagnant at first. In my free time, I take a kimono class, lazily study Japanese, try my best at Brazilian jiu-jitsu, go on adventures with my wonderful friend J, and attempt to cram 20 books into my yearly reading cycle. I’m trying to experience everything I can while I’m here!

If you want to see more content about life in Japan, please feel free to follow my (almost) daily Instagram @ snapshot_japan.


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