My February 2017 Blog Challenge

I want to challenge myself to write more this year.

So I decided to start with February. Next month, I will post something new every Monday through Friday. (Notice I picked the shortest month of the year for this challenge!) If you’re counting, that’s 20 new posts in all.

In an effort to organize this a little bit, I made a theme for each day of the week:

(Monday) Office Life: On these days, I will write about my experiences working in Japanese high schools. Observations of office culture and working with foreign-born students.

(Tuesday) Extracurriculars: Aside from teaching classes, traveling, and eating, what the heck do I do in Japan? Well, more than you might know. This Tuesday series will exclude anything directly connected to my schools… so kimono (which I do at my base school) and all the speech contest prep that I do, won’t count towards extracurriculars.

(Wednesday) Photo of the Week: I’ll post a photo and probably the story that goes with it. This is meant to give me a mid-week break from writing — I don’t have as much free time as you might imagine!

(Thursday) Weekly Challenge: In addition to challenging myself to write more, I’ll also challenge myself to do something a little outside my comfort zone each week. Honestly, this is the day that scares me most… I’m really nervous about the two of the four challenges I picked out for myself. They aren’t even scary! I just don’t like shaking things up sometimes.

(Friday) Thoughts from Places: Some of these might be silly, and some of these might be a little more… well, thoughtful. Just some storytelling.

I’ve already started writing some of these posts to give myself a head start, so hopefully I’ll beat my own expectations and actually complete this challenge! I look forward to writing, so I hope people will look forward to reading!


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