“I’ll Be Home for Christmas ~

— if only in my dreams…”

It’s Christmas Eve, and you will never guess what I did today.

I went to work. No, wait, that’s not the surprising part. Then I was invited to a sushi lunch with coworkers. That isn’t shocking news, either.

Then, at 2:30 this afternoon, one of the older P.E. senseis informed me that a few of us were “training.” But I didn’t need to change out of my skirt and ballet flats to do this mysterious “training.” I followed everyone outside… into cars… and to, of all places, a driving range.

Yes, I spent a good hour today–an hour I should have been “working” (in actuality, desk warming, as there is very little for me to actually do)–at the driving range with my coworkers, practicing my golf swing. For the very first time in my life, in fact; that is, if you don’t count miniature golf.

Never a dull moment…

The other day, at the same school, I was invited to a 1 o’clock “meeting.” Which is silly, because I can’t understand Japanese, but I went anyway. And it turned out that this “meeting” was really just a gathering of 10 teachers for tea and Christmas Cake.

Four beautiful Christmas cakes — chestnut cream and meringue mont blanc, strawberry shortcake with sugar snowmen, chilled chocolate cheesecake, and a bread-y cake roll filled with tangy strawberry mousse — split between ten people over mugs of Jasmine tea. The best “meeting” ever.

My mom will soon arrive in Japan for New Year’s, so just a few more days till a very welcome reunion. Happy holidays, everyone! Or, as the Japanese say,  よいおとしお!



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