The Quintessence of Autumn

Another perfect day. That late-autumn sunlight, warming the crisp air; withered, crackling leaves that promise a satisfying crunch underfoot; hills aflame with color and a steaming bowl of soba noodles waiting for you after a walk in the fresh mountain air. For me, the quintessence of autumn, all in one day.

Tuesday, November 3rd was a random public holiday here in Japan. Some friends and I decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather, so we made a day trip up to Daigo to see Fukuroda Falls framed by the fall foliage, as well as taking a relaxing soak in the apple onsen.

(If anyone is curious, the apple onsen was just a regular onsen with fresh apples floating in the water, occasionally bumping into you like fruity little bumper boats. Nobody ate the apples, I promise. But the presence of apples really rounded out the image of autumn for me, especially because there seems to be a sad lack of apple cider in Japan).

Here’s a summary of my day, in pictures:








3 thoughts on “The Quintessence of Autumn

    • karen.m says:

      It was a lot of fun! I mean, there are just lots of random apples bobbing about and bumping into people, but I found it really funny! One of my friends said that she even saw an apple with a bite taken out of it! Hahaha I didn’t see it though, so I can’t confirm. I think there are a few apple onsens around Japan?


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