Tokyo and Mito Photojournal

My weekend in 20 words or less: an Ibaraki JET scavenger hunt, an OWL CAFE, Ichiran ramen, famous Tokyo temples, and a free LED light art exhibit.

When recounting stories in my writing, I tend to get caught up in  the “journal details” — the twisty, lengthy descriptions of feelings or moments that either don’t need explaining or don’t translate well into words. And as a sort of “weekend” photographer (an amateur with an iPhone and a new place to explore), I find that photos can sometimes evoke understanding better than any length of text. So I’ll spare you a barrage of description. Photos are worth thousands of words, aren’t they? But just in case they didn’t make it clear: this weekend was amazing.


I was Team Photographer for our Scavenger Hunt in Mito


A free art exhibit entitled Crystal Universe


Okay, we have our owls. We’re ready. Where are our Hogwarts tickets?


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