The Beginning of the Goodbyes

To celebrate one of my last days of work (before I throw my life into a suitcase and leave the country) my coworkers threw me a little surprise party yesterday! Right in the middle of catering a huge family reunion, of course. I’ll tell you, my beautifully decorated cake was the envy of all the children at the party, several of whom spotted the cake hidden away on the back table. The kids just had to satisfy their sweet teeth with mango water ice, though, while my coworkers and I enjoyed slices of cake in our spare moments!

photo (17)

Although work is work, and although sometimes the catering business can get a little crazy, I really enjoy the people I’ve worked with these past two summers, so it’s a little sad to say goodbye. And this is just the beginning… I still have all my friends and family to part with! But as I keep saying to my dad, “I’m not dying! I’m just moving to the other side of the world for a little while.” I’ll be back, eventually. And that makes saying “goodbye” a little easier.


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