I’ve been waiting months for an email. An email that would tell me if I had a future somewhere or if I would have to resume my search for one.

And when I opened my inbox on March 30th, 2015 to find that email waiting for me, my heart froze for a second. I have been offered a position teaching English in Japan through the JET Program–the Japan Exchange and Teaching Program.

And as of a few days ago, when I mailed in my reply to my consulate, I have accepted it.

It’s too early to write any more. Everyone has been asking, but I don’t have any answers! I don’t know where exactly in Japan I will be placed. I certainly don’t know what school(s) I will be working at. Overall, I am still in the dark about all the fine details. At the moment, I’m just wading through IRS forms, medical forms, and figuring out how to get fingerprinted for the FBI! After months of waiting and waiting (which is quite draining), I must spring into action.

More news to follow.


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